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toolsmith article on Adito SSL VPN now available

My toolsmith column in the March 2009 issue of the ISSA Journal is a comprehensive discussion on Adito, an open source, browser-based SSL VPN that, in essence, replaces SSL-Explorer.
It's a fantastic offering that is now enjoying enhanced development support and offers many of the feature you'd expect from a commercial SSL VPN solution.
Check it out at your earliest convenience.
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New version of Audit Viewer enhances latest Memoryze

More good news for malware analysts and security practitioners alike.
Straight from Peter Silberman, further details on the new version of Audit Viewer, inclusive of lots of significant changes.
The new Audit Viewer, should be used in conjunction with the newly released Memoryze-1.3 (which offers Vista support (beta), dll injection detection, enumeration of PE imports/exports in memory, F-Response support, and a slew of bug fixes.

Pictured below is a screen shot of the newest feature, Memoryze Launcher. You can now control Memoryze from a GUI. You have all the options you normally would, but you don’t have to edit any XML! The launcher supports multiple jobs. After your jobs run, any XML will be auto-loaded into Audit Viewer for seamless integration. If you specify a MemoryDD, then the image file be auto set to the text box so you can go from acquisition to analysis.

But wait, there’s more! A process with an injected dll will now appear in red text:

You can view the imports/exports of the…

#8 of the Top Vulnerability Discoverers of 2008

When, towards the end of 2008, I noticed the total count of vulnerabilities I'd disclosed and posted climbing past 50, I didn't imagine the effort would merit ending up as 8th on the list of Top Vulnerability Discoverers of 2008, as determined by Gunter Ollmann of the IBM ISS Frequency X Blog.
I am both pleased and disconcerted to find myself on this list and wish to convey a few thoughts on the subject.
1) While I appreciate being on this list I must say that the caveat offered as part of Gunter's post is valid: "cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in a commercial shrink-wrapped application count for the same as a remote root vulnerability on a default Windows service."
My work has focused entirely on vulnerable web apps to date, and truly qualifies as low hanging fruit when compared to the findings of the likes of Luigi Auriemma. I am reminded of Wayne and Garth...I'm not worthy. My hat is off to Luigi, as it has been for quite awhile.
2) Gunter has, in the p…

Online finance flaw: Chase away flawed broker browser code

In my ongoing pursuit of flawed online finance offerings, I took advantage of a quick Google search to isolate some opportunities. -www
The second result caught my eye immediately as it:
1) should likely be disallowed via robots.txt.
2) utilized SSL, indicating a certain "value".
3) indicates broker web access and thus must be "important".
At first glance the SunGard Broker Browser looks very 1997, and a quick review of source code yields references to Front Page 3.0 and Visual Studio 6.0.

A closer look quickly produced an immediate cross-site scripting flaw right at the user_ID parameter.
Making use of the indispensable Tamper Data add-on, I invoked the key question. How much risk to consumer and brand confidence do poorly coded or ancient apps represent?

The results answered the question aptly. Enhanced phishing opportunities, PCI violations, potential SOX considerations, possible data breach implications...the list is long.

JPMorgan Chase was immediately …

Mandiant Memoryze is the 2008 Toolsmith Tool of the Year

Updated: 2/6/09 See update below.

I'm a tool geek, no doubt. You can't write a column like toolsmith and not be one.
I've been mighty excited about a number I've things I've written about in the last year, including PHP IDS, NetworkMiner, and the tools from the Integrity Project.
As much as I enjoy (even love) every tool I write about, they become like family ;-), I have reached a decision.
Mandiant Memoryze is the 2008 Toolsmith Tool of the Year.
The February 2009 toolsmith article on Mandiant Memoryze is here.
Incident handlers and malware analysts rejoice: Memoryze is simply indispensable.
Food, water, air, love, Memoryze...really.
I use it at least three times a week in my virtual analysis sandboxes and I know I haven't realized its full potential.
Here's an example without full specifics as it stems from a work related investigation.
Imagine a scenario where you've been given malicious software to analyze. Said software was purchased from a nefarious and…

Moving to a new hosting provider

Update 2/4/09: is up again, stable and comfortable in its new home.

A quick update regarding
I'm switching hosts from a nightmare situation to one I am hoping will bring the stability and security we all should be able to expect from a provider.
Stay tuned and thank you for your patience.
This blog will be unaffected by the process.