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toolsmith #109: CapLoader network carving from Rekall WinPmem Memory Image

With some of my new found flexibility (not bound to print deadlines) I'm now able to provide near-realtime toolsmith content in direct response to recommendations or interaction via social media (@holisticinfosec), and other avenues. Just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood toolsmith. :-) Such is the case as we discuss Erik Hjelmvik's CapLoader. We're connecting a few strands in our beautifully enmeshed community here. First, we discussed Erik's outstanding NetworkMiner in November 2011. Erik's tools have done nothing but improve since, and CapLoader, as part of those regular improvements, came to fruition to answer the "large file" problem. Second, in May 2015, when I discussed Hunting in-memory adversaries with Rekall and WinPmem I created a fairly sizable memory image (5GB) that included network activity from a compromised host to an attacker-controlled resource. When, via Twitter, I announced that I'm presenting related content…